Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gettin ready for AZ

You heard...Im goin to Arizona. Will be be nice to get away and see fam. So I figured I upload before I take off.

Tonite I did some karate sketching and posin stu in some karate poses. Figure it would be nice to get some practice with sketchin and poses again. I want to do some more animal sketches next time. I need to work on this area a bunch. Hard to go from people to animals. I dont put as much time as I need to in this area.

Anyways enough jibba jabba. Here ya go.

This weeks assignment

See ya when I look atcha!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

There just isnt enouogh time in the day...

Ive been on my assignment all day today, and still dont feel happy with it.. I need to get to my revisions for last week as well. Figured I would put my assignment up here today seeing as next week is gonna be wuite hectic for me. Heres the pose:

and heres the link to the full assignment 4.6 megs

and to just the maya ball bounce week 5

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hump day!

Whoo hoooo! half way there! Yesterday I was pretty drained. I slept from about 7:30pm to midnight, watched 2 episodes of superman the animated series and crashed out again til 8:30am. You wouldve thought that I caught up on my sleep......again HA!

In about 15 mins my Q&A is gonna start. I thought I would post what my mock up here before hand. Got some great tips from alot of people so far. I hope to implement em in the maya version. I should be starting that tomorrow..maybe tonite, although Im doubting it.

Heres the mock up

See ya when I look atcha!

--Post Q&A comments...
K. Just got finished with the Q&A . These are just awesome in it self. Great questions were fielded tonite on the squash and stretch, and the aniticipation principles. Some great insights to this weeks assignment. I have yet to do my stu pose and will be workin on the maya stuff tomorrow. Hopefully my head will be a lil more clear tomorrow cause the past few weeks I have been tired ass....

Also tonite Stephen was kind enough to show us pics he took of Pixar. Oh man what it would be like....its things like that that help with the inspiration. And the ability to finally be learnin something that has always held magic for me is overwhelming sometimes. This AM experience thus far has been more than I couldve ever imagined, and hope one day I can be on the other end of the awe...

off to dream about what it would be like...see ya!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Mondays suck...

Especially after a great weekend of loungin. I did some learnin ( which is always fun ), watched movies with the wifey ( which is always fun ), and bought some toys and baby stuff ( which, again , is always fun ). So you would think I would be recharged....HA!

Well I thought I would post week four assignment today. I was gonna post it a couple o days ago but was too lazy. Tonite I will post sketches for week 5. ( Wow week 5 already...)

Here ya go dagnabit!

See ya later tonite!

EDIT-- This monday actually didnt suck at all! Heres why:

Your gonna have to guess. Like to see what people think my child is. heheh

Also heres the sketches I promised today. One page is for my devastated assignment. The others were just to sketch today... Tomorrow gonna get crackin on the animation assignment. See ya when I look atcha!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Even more bouncin balls...

Thursdays here and Im am so ready for relax time! I am lovin school but man I cant get sleep cause its in my head ALL them time. The mind is just churnin on it every wakin moment. Not that this a bad thing. But the car in the shop, another trip comin up, learnin new engine stuff at work, baby stuff, and another trip outta town is takin its toll on me! Im totally gonna be one of those dads whose all " When I was your age I walked to school uphill both ways in 6 feet of snow carrying 100 lbs of books. " Builds character is what Im told, so Im just gonna enjoy the ride. Because it makes arriving oh so sweeter! heheh

So I worked on my maya ball bounce. I feel like Ive learned a ton in just the lil time Ive been at AM. Im so happy I started this adventure. The curriculum and pacing is great, my fellow students rock, and Stephen has given aload of help. Amazing that I can be this positive in the mornin. Before I would be positive I would be grumpy and tired. Now a days its more just tired, but a happy tired!

Heres where I am with the bouncy balls

See ya when I lookatcha!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

3 weeks in the books..

Yikes I cant believe a month has almost transpired since the start of school!

Well, got my assignment uploaded. I know I couldve done better. So much stuff goin on in my life these days. I learned so much from the bouncing ball assignment. I also did my bouncing ball in flash. Im gonna try to do a couple of the assignments in flash if I have the time. I really like flash.

The animation process is such a tedious one. But oh so rewarding. I really want to be able to understand it more. I wish that it was the only thing I was focusing on.

So I thought I would post the animations I did last week. Nothing super exciting for you to look at. For me its the first steps to a bigger world....

Complete Assignment


First Animation


Practice Animation


Flash Ball Animation

EDIT-- Thought I would get crackin on next weeks assignment and try some more flash stuff. This week will do this exercise in maya

Week 4 Assignment In Flash

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Man time is flyin...

Halfway done with week 2. I think....Its all a blur. My head is spinnin. Learnin a bunch of new stuff at work and the school stuff I dont want to get behind on. A guy could go crazy!

I got some drawing books today. ( I love new books!)One is drawing for animation. Flippin through it looks like it has some useful tips.

And, Force: the key to capturing life through drawing (Michael Mattessi). This one is a great one I can just tell! I love books like these. I really want to strenghthen my confidence in my line, and I think this book will help tremendously. ( although I have to read my other books first)

So before I did the Q&A tonite I started to sketch some ball animations. Way tougher than I expected. Actually I expected pretty tough stuff. Still dont have the guts to get to the nitty gritty of maya animation though. I need to suck it up. Tomorrow is the day...

I also flipped through the force book , found some poses, and did a couple o quick pages to practice line. I cant wait to use this technique.

so here it is, lotsa stuff tonite.

First Critque with Stephen..

Stephen rocks! Had to get that out first off. My critique was very informative and easy to understand. I feel like Im gonna learn so much from this experience. So I did my revisions while watching his critique.

Here ya go:

Hope to get some ball animation stuff worked on tonite. (After or before Q&A)

See ya then!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Whatta long weekend!

Well had a very nice outting to Idaho this weekend. Got some really good learning time in. All in all really relaxing ( even a lil firworks action!) And then today hit me like a mack truck! I hate comin off long weekends. Takin em is the shiz! Work stuff sucks...I wish I could do animation mentor full time and just focus on that...

Tonite I figured I would tackle the the posing part of this weeks assignment. I plan on focusing on the ball animation the rest of the week and revisions. Im nervous and excited to get goin on the ball animations. I dont know why I get that way about animating. Oh well..

So here it is: EXCITEMENT!

Oh rapture!

See y'all after tomorrows Q&A!