Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Halfway there...

Is it me or does the weekend seem to be slackin to get here? Im so ready for it.. so nuthing new on this front.

A lil slow here at work today so I did some more monster sketchin. Thought I would post em. Will have more sketches tonite seein as I have to do some poses. Will probably post em after Q&A.

See ya when I look atcha!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Only Tuesday????

Dangit.. I thought it was much later in the week..Friday wouldve been nice. Although class is tomorrow so something to look forward to. This week we go to a 3 quarter view of a previous walk cycle. ( which means Im ahead a lil this week! ) Then next week its a review of the entire semester. After that its on to a new mentor. As fun as it is , it is gonna be sad cause I really enjoy the classes with Stephen and my class. Im sure its all good though.

Worked a lil more on my walk for this weeks assignment. Moved the weight over the legs more, rotated the legs out more ( the knees ) , and changed the squash and stretch timing.

Finished Book 6 of Harry Potter last nite. Amazing writing..Anyways sketched up a quick Harry at work today.

and the sketch:

and Im out..see ya when I lookatcha!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Will I ever get more energy...

Yesterday I was a complete wreck. I did nothing over the weekend hopin to recover some strength. To no avail.... Im not as bad as yesterday but still a lil weak. I dont know if the stress of a kid on the way , plus skoool and workin is slowly runnin me down. I also think that the computer ( sigh ) is not helpin the situation.

My good friend Lael was kind enough to help me out with a light table that I hope to convert to a desk I can do 2d animation . Im really excited about that and hope to learn more in the ways of ol.

Here a render of last weeks anim and some sketches:

and the sketch:

pushed the weight over the legs a lil more in the hips on my render. Also shrunk the shadow some:

and the monkey on my back...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Man I love Saturdays...

Cause they arent as close to mondays, and you come off from being excited about fridays. Bad thing is I go through the anxiety of gettin my assignments done. Yikes.

This weeks assignment was to do a personality walk. I decided to go with a peppy walk. I was gonna do that skip I started earlier but alas..I think it was too much and I didnt want to spend any more time on it. I think I will keep practicing walks next week as well cause I still have quite a time figuring out stride and what not.

Here my assignment for this week. Still have to do my pose though. I will post that a lil later tonite.
See ya then!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Slowin down a bit with this...

I was on fire when I started this blog. Hard to keep up with it all.

This week so far has been haulin ace. Today is goin fairly well. Cant wait for the Q&A tonite. Always good stuff. I cant believe this first semester is almost over already. A week and a half ( i think ) yikes. Next semester looks like loads of fun and work.

Well my good buddy boon hooked me up with an embed tag so I can embed my movies here so I thought I would give it a shot and see if it works. So here is a personality walk for this week. May do a different type for the assignment. I wil prolly post some sketches tonite seein as I have been slackin. As well as my complete assignment from last week. ( seein as Im slackin and should have posted it LAST WEEK)

see ya when I lookatcha!

EDIT:and heres last weeks assignment:

EDIT:and heres week 9 revised in perspective:

EDIT:sketches as promised:

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

RIP Joe Ranft

Ive been pretty depressed lately. No energy and all in all in a slump. And hearing that the talented Joe Ranft passed made it more gloomy. Heimlich is one of my all time fav characters. Heres a link to an article

Tonite I decided to draw Heimlich as my small shout out to him.

Also thought I would post my clean up walkcycle.

side view


See ya when I lookatcha

Friday, August 12, 2005


Was a lil distracted at work today so I thought I would sketch some monsters. Havent drawn monsters in a while. Makes the day go by faster when Im sketchin. Have to get back to work. Enjoy!

and revision of this weeks assignment:
Walk Try 2
see ya when I look atcha!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Have been in a sketchin mood. Thought I would post some. Today was hands, heads and some girls. Here ya go!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Come on weekend!!!

Im pretty ready for a weekend. Seriously. I couldnt be more serious if I wanted to be. Got a great critique from Stephen today with my one legged jump. He does a really good job of critiquing. So I will be workin on the revisions tomorrow.

Tonites Q&A was awesome as usual. AM is totally worth every penny that it cost and then some. I cant believe less than a month to go before this semester is over. Man where does the time go?

Well Im posting my work I did tonite.
First is my walk cycle sketch for this week:

and the link to my blocked walk cycle:
Week 8

Time to watch teen titans!
See ya when I look atcha!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sometimes you feel like a nut..

...Sometimes you dont. Today was one of those non nut days. Feels like Im misss firing lately. Its draining.. Oh well. If everyday were perfect you wouldnt really ever notice.

Car stuff sucks. There I said it. On to other things.

Started the first part of my assignment tonite. Do some strong pose sketches along with a strong Stu pose. Tomorrow after Q&A I will start thumbnailing my vanilla walk cycle and block as much of it out as I can. I will enjoy this assignment. ( Funny thing is I can say every assignment has been this way! )

Well thought I would post what I've done tonite. Usually the sketchin helps me feel better but today Ive been kinda uggg. Didnt help like I wanted it to.Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Here ya go!

Cya when I lookatcha!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Week 8 and all hell is breakin loose....

First off..Im tired. Thats nothin new, just thought I would let you all know...
Been a while since I have posted. The arizona trip was fun but man was it hot there. When I got home everything came at once. Not a surprise. Today I had problems with our car... that we just got outta the a guy could just go....crazy...

This week we are blockin out a walk cycle I think. Oh man Im excited. The time is just flyin by. Ive learned so much the past few weeks. At work and school. I wish there was more time in the day to learn. Its an obsession..Im so happy Im makin this journey. Such a far way to go but thus far, oh so worth it.

I figured I would do some Teen Titan fan art. ( Its almost on, so I have to hurry.) Heres beast boy and cyborg. I want to draw the others this week if I have the time.

Heres the links to last weeks animation:
Week 7 Assignment


week six revisions

Thats it for tonite! See ya when I lookatcha