Monday, March 27, 2006

awww you made me ink..

Finding nemo line. Im a nerd. Wanna fight? Gettin close to school time so the drawings prolly wont be as frequent. Im anxious to get back to animation learnin. I love animation mentor. An overwhelming feeling though..Stay tuned.

First image I inked with pens that I never use. T'was fun.Did some cartoon concepts and a head shot for a project called Cryptid. Mainly for fun. Also added some practice sketches ( the girls ones... I googled comic images and doodled em so not mine, just practice). Will get more up soon!

Edit: Quick Ink tonite from a sketch I did at work:

Friday, March 24, 2006

Illustration friday: Monster

I figure Im gonna try and do illustration friday a lil more. Get the head goin. So first thing this morn I got at it. Im also posting my lil alien guy in underwear and a logo I did this Ive got loads of sketches I need to post and will soon.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ladies and Mario

Did some ladies last nite. Not my strength. Im more of a monster / cartoony guy. Here what I came up with last nite. The Mario is one I did doodled at work yesterday. Got him off an old Nintendo magazine that was sitting on my desk. Colored the first one. Will prolly color Bizaro next...

Quick color on bizarro tonite:


Thursday, March 09, 2006

My hero...

Miss you son..

Firstly my hero:

And Hulk, Bizaro, and some of my own for practice EDIT: illustration friday image added to bottom " tatoo ":

Will try to color these guys up some time. See ya when I lookatcha!

Happy Birthday Thomas...

A special prayer goes out to Thomas, Kristin and Sandy today. You are in our thoughts and prayers today and every day..God Bless.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Our Son Mekhi

No drawings tonite. Firstly , I put some pics up on Mekhi's blog. Please have a look. I hope to have more of the story and more pics tomorrow...

Secondly, I dont think I can thank everyone enough for their generosity with me and my wife. The hurt keeps on coming and its comforting that we've had the support that we have had from family and friends as well as from people who dont even know us.

Most people can't comprehend what we are goin through. Its like the movie "Ground Hog's Day." We keep praying that its all just one bad dream, but every morning we wake up and our son is not here. People think "Time heals" and "It will get better with time." "Better" would be our son being alive, and time isnt what it used to be.

We will however push forward with the help of Heavenly Father, and honor our son by being the best people we can be.

Thank you God and Jesus, for such a beautiful and loving boy. Please bless the child who recieved his heart. Thank you Englis and Milton Family for being the people we needed most when the time came, and for being the people we will always cherish and love. Thank you friends and co-workers who have cried the tears and shared our pain. We truly appreciate the love and kindness eternally.

I personally would like to extend the warmest regards to those who take the time to remember our son Mekhi and help us to move forward. Thank you Animation Mentor, ( both students and mentors ), for reminding me what I set out to do, and the promise I made to my wife, my son and to myself. Thank you Keith Lango, for the email and the wonderful gift that you and the people of AM gave me. I dont think I can say thanks enough. Thank you art community for listening to me and being so kind. In a time where everything seems so bleek, the people who have come to our aid have given us the light to see our way.

And lastly Id like to thank the woman who is my everything. My wife Anne. Without her my world doesnt turn....I love you hun.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Soldiers and Animals

Worked a lil on posing and animals. Quickies tonite. Not much to say. Til the next round and thanks all!