Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Full plate...

The past few months has been a blur for me. The past few weeks have been really hectic tryin to juggle it all. At the end of the day Im surprised at the steps I had taken that day.

I am no longer employed at Saffire. Was my last day Friday. Was tough to leave as it was the place that the magic started for me. The begining of the dream if you will. I will start my new job at Glyphx Will be doin game asset creation. Feel it will help round out my portfolio.

The 19th of this month our sons headstone went up. Really hit home for us. Was different than standing over a dirt spot for the past few months. Killed us again looking at the cold hard stone that bore our sons name on it. The feeling never goes away and I hope that Mekhi is proud of his mom and dad. We're doin the best we can...

Drew some heads and some more WB guys.

Edit: Added anuther doodle

love you son

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Freakin DHL...

Im dyin. Took the day off to get my laptop back from dell. The waiting game. Of course, if I hadnt taken the day off they would be here first thing in the morn and they would peel out and make me wait even longer.They may have come while I was clackin away at my keyboard. I should go check...bastards. ( no offense to anyone workin at DHL reading this..just hate the waiting)

So any ways... I have no music, no nuthing so I can hear the door. I know silly. But its my laptop.Wanna fight?

Did some art while waiting ( cant even watch my school assignment for fear I will miss my laptop ) So I did some pose study from an old WB cartoon. (3 bears and bugs for those who dont recognize ) some hand poses and a monster head. Fun. I should be focusing on other things...like animation. Im so on it when my laptop gets here.

What? Its a really nice laptop...

Edit: I thought UPS sucked..will never give any of my business to DHL..ever. But the laptop is here and I feel better now. Heres a celebratory seamonster and a pic of my long awaited for machine

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Heds up..

Edit: cars have always been a problem for me so I thought I would do some at work today for practice

Some heads I did at work today. Not much to say. See ya when I post my assignment this week. ( The golfer one , gonna film some refs and time it out this week.)


Friday, April 07, 2006

How do people do it?

Edit: Want to get better with my tablet so I can use the grease pencil tool in maya ( never used it, which is a shame.. ). So played with painter today to warm up here at work...( touched up in photoshop...not total painter, but all digital )

Man so much juggling this week...My mind is mush. Skool is in and Ive got so many things that I need to get outta the way. First off Id like to give you a link to my awesome mentor this term:

Dimos Vrysellas

This guy ( like pretty much all of AM )kicks major ace. Check out his site and bask in its goodness! Im so excited about my new class mates and this will be a fun term. I have so many things goin on right now its a ruff start tryin to find the balance again, but I feel like Im close to gettin settled in for the animation push.

Gonna post my ideas here so nuthing to slick , just two ideas so sorry its not the fancy lines.... Like to hear your input about them if you have a chance:

Assignment: 2 distinct contrasting beats that tells a basic story:

I know not pretty to look at but thanks for lookin none the less. Next week should ease up for me hopefully. And I can get back into a groove. Thanks a load for all your comments!