Sunday, October 28, 2007

a last october dump..

I didnt get to do as many mosnters as I wouldve like to this holloween...maybe next year. This is most likely my last post of oct. With Novemebr comes a fresher Mel. Not because I will finally shower, but to try and catch a second wind and do positive things with it. So heres the last of Oct.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

37 on Thurs

Boy where does the time go?

Got some really cool photoshop brushes from the masterful Tom Scholes. Check out his magic.

Just wanted to shoot out a big thanks to those who lent me their support. Im grateful for the kindness of people, and glad that every once in a while I get to share more of who I am with people and that I am truly blessed. So with that a "pre birthday" dump, or a gift so to say. To remeber to always keep on keepin on.

The video I embeded for those who havent seen it is a lecture by Randy Pausch " his last lecture ". A moving and inspirational lesson and it put alot of things in perspective for I pass it on.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The 15th is the official day for pregnancy and infant loss rememberance.Theres not a day that goes by that I struggle with knowing my son should be here. Hard to swallow that my son would almost be 2 years old soon.Behind the smile that most people see on me, is a pain that I wish I did not know.This time of the year has always been a depressing time but even more so now. I wake up every morning hopin that my son will be proud of what I am doin. This post is for my wife and all of those who have lost a child and for those of you who support them. Thank you all for your kindness.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Boy oh boy

Edit:Added some new pics to the Mel Meets Blog

So been havin quite a struggle with keepin on top of my blogging. Im goin to add a bunch of people to the mel meets blog and dish out my Thinking Blogger this week. To tide you over til I get my act together heres a dump. Thanks for the patience. The updates will be up this week...Im almost positive of this.....I think..