Sunday, February 22, 2009

Im worse than a slacker...

Yeah Yeah I know..What the freak Mel??? So Im gonna try and do a lil to redeem myself. First off the tip of the ( post ) eventually it will be of the day, but thats wishful thinkin. So this one is pretty simple, and kinda a part one on faces.
Im sure many of you have heard of squash and stretch ( alot of animators deal with this.) I like to use these in my expressions. It helps to set a mood. Puts the character in mid action and adds flavor. It helps to know your shapes well so that you can exaggerate these things. Elongating the eyes nose and mouth as well as the head shape helps emphasize the whole expression. In my examples below i try to show it in different shapes. Excited seems to have more of a stretch and angry or grumpy a squash. Play around with the combination and see where it gets you. Practice it and have fun. More on faces next post. Something a bitmore in depth. Hope this was at least a little informative. Feel like im stretchin on this one...pun intended.

First pic is how I have been feelin lately so please bear with me. Adding some doodles and a little * gasp * animation. ( Small little exercises.. nothing exciting.) and I updated Im really tryin to get back on the ball. May even try to do a post a day for a month kinda on the lookout.