Sunday, November 28, 2010

More than thankful..

I hope everyone got stuffed over their break :)

My thanksgiving break was a chance to slow down and be really thankful. I complain alot. (Im a complainer by nature and a cynic to boot.) Sometimes to the point of really missing out on life. Crazy how insecure you can get when you get marrried and how much more so when you have a child.

Im so thankful for my wife who is the love of my life and the one who made me want to be a better person. My family who helped mold me. My son who taught me the biggest lesson of all: that life is delicate and nothing is forever. To live with purpose... My daughter who is teaching me that life is beautiful and that I should be an active participant. And finally to the people who come by here. Drawing has been my saving grace. An escape. And to have people to share it with has been healing. So to you I cant thank you enough for stoppin by and lookin at this one guy's scribbles.

Thanks for showin me the good in the world.

Keep on keepin on!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

If I can keep up

Im gonna try and post everyweekend. Try being the key word... Soooo busy lately. Truly fun times. No complaints other than Im slow and tired. I also hope to have more to say other than complainin in the near future...

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Weekend

Finally. Im finding out its reallllllllly sucky leaving home more so now. And still tryin to figure out how people get ANYTHING done. Time is already flying by.

Anne is off runnin errands currently and the baby is asleep, so tryin to get some sketchin time in. I thought I was tired before... Thats all I got for now. Please bear with me. Til next time ...keep on keepin on!