Wednesday, October 31, 2012

...shes dancin with me ... cheek to cheek

My attempt to do something a lil more than sketchin... and wanted to post one more time as a " see ya later Oct... Its been real "

Welp better buckle up for the winter. Who knows maybe I will be more productive

Keep on keepin on

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monster dump...


So in celebration of my bday ( and because Ive not had alot of time at home to get on the comp..) figured I would be in the giving spirit. Hadnt been able to doodle much at home lately, so between assets at work , I cram as much pencil time as I can. A couple photoshop sketches in here from home but again dont expect much. Ive noticed Im gettin rusty on the digital side....sigh

Welp enough with the excuses. Keep on keepin on

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Whats October with out zombies?

I wouldve thought Id be a lil more energetic today. Some ( you guessed it ) dooks from my desk.Surprised ya didnt I? 

Now you would think Id go home and get some cintiq time in.....

Last night I sat in on my boss Rodney Bills' class  at UVU and stopped by another good buddy Will Terry's class. Was a blast ! I never really got to have the traditional learning experience. So I always enjoy being in that environment. Did some gesture drawing. ( Never used one of those drawing horse stool watchamacalits...damn near killed me..) 

Would be nice to do it more often. But alas I run on fumes most days....
Til the next post. Keep on keepin on

Friday, October 05, 2012

Its a celebration B*&^%ches!!!


Sorry for the vulgarity...but its friday!!! Nuther post before the weekend. Im feeling extra generous hehehe
My lil Meeks is turnin 2 and Im gonna spoil the  sh*t outta her this weekend. Hope everyones weekend is as exciting :)

Keep on keepin on!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Warm up from this morn

Morning dook. Caught up some at work figured I post before I get back to it later.
Keep on keepin on!


So today is the last day of summer type weather here in Utah. Fantastic. Threw my back out over the weekend. This year has been really out to show me ( as my wife would say ..) Im no spring chicken. Sigh....
My wife was nice enough to give me my bday present early. Unfortunately it doesnt come with time. So thats about as far as Ive gotten with it. Setting it up on my desk. If my back didnt hurt so much it be great but cant sit too long as work handles that part of killing me. My daughter wanting me to be a horsey is the nail in the coffin though. Who knows when the next time I'll get to post so heres a batch. 
Keep on keepin on!