Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flu has been kikin my ace..

edit : plannin out the animation that I want to do and a quickie dialogue test:

Ive been out with the flu since Saturday and dont think its ever kiked my butt so badly..Anywhoo I started another flash project to get myself to be more excited about animating and actually doin some ( seeing as thats where Id like to grow mainly . You could tell huh? ) Also want to try and keep momentum with the posting.

I was gonna continue workin on my super girl that I had rigged up but lost her. So I started a chun li rig before I got sick to get back on the ball. Completely done in flash. Not super far with it but figure if I post it up I will have to finish it enough to animate her. So lets see what that gets me...

keep on keepin on

Thursday, January 24, 2013

So yeah Google+


Figured might as well continue to come out of my comfort zone and join. ( Although I dont know what to do with it so if any one has any suggestions Im game to hear em.)

Almost went head on this morn  with a truck. Roads they are a iceeeee today. Gonna go home and hug my wife and daughter. Keep on keepin on

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


  I looked over at my archive today, and realized that Ive been goin on like nine years. To tell ya the truth Im pretty ADD. Well extremely ADD. I wouldve never guessed that I would have stuck to something for so long.

Ive been very fortunate and blessed  to be able to have a creative outlet, and even more so to be able to share it through here. My blog posts through the years has seen me through some of my toughest days and some of my happiest moments.

It amazes me that people visit my blog as I still feel as noobish as I did when I first started it. So for those who do stop by from time to time I cant thank you enough. And to those who stop by and leave comments, its beyond thanks as thats a great motivator to continue to improve.

I love talkin shop and nerdin out  ( more so in person ) and hope to grow the nads enough to share my enthusiasm and all things creative more so in the coming posts.

 Thanks again. I look forward to keep on keepin on

Friday, January 18, 2013

Drawing on the Galaxy Note 2

I just stumbled upon this a couple of days ago. TV paint has a full version of the TV paint pro for android available. I guess its a timed version beta that will end in June ( from what it told me after I installed it on my phone ). Before all the gushing over this begins, I want to clarify a few things. First, I haven't spent a whole lot of time with it. Will probably continue to give input the more I use it. Second I'm a bit forgiving of it on the basis that this is on my phone. ON MY PHONE.... A full pro version...this in itself is incredible to me.

( I'm just gonna take this from a drawing point of view so bear with me.) I messed with a rip off of this program called Mirage on my PC while I was going to animation mentor. ( Don't remember the specifics but mirage disappeared soon after.) I loved the feel of that program on my cintiq and hoped to one day be confident enough in my drawings to animate tradigitally. ( this is an ongoing goal of mine which I will admit something I fear... but we'll leave that discussion for another post..)

So gripes first. Not a fan of tiny pen but then again having the phone storing it nicely kinda counters that. I'm a space case and would lose it in a heart beat. ( The phone also has a nifty feature for this as well. An alarm that goes off when the pen is out and moves far enough away from the phone.  I havent tested this yet because I think I'd rely on it to much. ) Also navigating , in some ways, is good enough ( like the fly out menus for some of the tool bars and time line ) ,but navigating with my fingers to pinch zoom was irritating to the point where I just use the navigation window and scroll bars for more precision. Once I got over those things I was good to go.

Back to drawing. The pressure senstivity is very nice with this program. ( Why oh why cant this be mainstream already....) Procreate would be bad ace with it. Which I love on the Ipad. Just don't like drawing with a nub of a stick. Not that I can't draw with one , just prefererence that's all. To tell you the truth Id rather draw on my ipad, but I find it easier to bust out my phone as its with me more often.  I know there are a few pressure sensitive pens runnin around out there for the ipad but those are again nubby.

TV Paint has a slew of tools that are robust to say the least . Painting, chalk, pencils etc all feel smooth. I am surprised how well my phone handles it. Ive had it freeze up when I click in a type input  area to resize a brush and then try to use the slider to adjust some more before the keyboard retracts. The keyboard gets stuck open and cant select anything, which forces a restart.

I plan on dooking out a simple animation with it soon. Gonna plow through the tutorials they have on the site and will post info with updated feelings as I test drive it more thoroughly. For now Im happy to have a nice sketch tool that my wife and daughter cant take away from me. I've included a screen grab and a pic of it on the phone. Nothing spectacular. ( My daughter sees the pen and the phone has to be put away ). I wouldn't say it would replace my ipad for drawin on the go, but because I always have my phone with me I will prolly use it more.

To wrap this up, heres some you guessed it sketches!

Also, Im interested in gettin on google plus * gasp ( cant do the facebook thing ) and was wondering if youre on it, do you have any impressions youd like to offer up?
 Anyhow keep on keepin on

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So I took the plunge...

In the beginning of November I took the plunge and purchased a smart phone. ( I had a simple walmart one for a couple years after losing an expensive smart phone...) I ended up gettin a Samsung Note 2. Figured Id go big or go home. Besides I could doodle on it . ( From  the wife who works nights, to the daughter who I must entertain when I get home from work, the situation leaves me little left  to get in some cintiq time :(  )

Now I fought this for some time as I knew it would be opening pandoras box.....boy did I under estimate. I can see why so many people spend so much time on em now. Although Im not using it for all the social stuffs it could do. Facebook and messaging etc .. ( Yes Im a sad soul who has yet to have a social presence..) But from a creative hobbyist perspective SLIIIIIIIIIICK. 

Im still learning the ropes with it as I get in trouble for buryin my face into in too often.. I figured once in a while  when Im super giddy about what it can do I will post some nifty goodness about it. 

So, first thing I loved about it was ( obviously the pen tool which is pressure sensitive. )  That was simple. Didnt think I would use the S Note feature so much but find myself using it all the time. I thought because it was so small that I wouldnt use it unless I was desperate to draw.. This was also my first foray into android, so I didn't know what to expect. I hated to love my ipad but felt like there were things it should do for the creative on the go. Seeing as that the ipad is now my wife and daughters now, the Note 2 has been a godsend for me. 

The screen is huge and beautiful. I love that movies ( netflix and hulu ) fill it up completely and I love that I can make screen grabs and make little notes to myself as to what I like about a particular scene in a movie . This in itself was a feature that I love to use as building a library of reference is now with me at all times.

I wont ramble on too much about it, but a nifty tool that has made gathering and gettin inspired even more at my finger tips. Ive got more I want to post but time she is limited...If youve got one Id be more than happy to hear tips and tricks on how it helps you in your creative endeavors. 

I plan on posting more on the subject but for now , here's some doodles 
keep on keepin on

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wow where have I been?

Firstly, Happy New Year and hope everyone's holiday was a blast.

B. Also hope that everyone's New Years is off to a positive start.

So Im in the midst of some change. ( new year .... go figure....)  Im hoping to change this blog into what  it was  intentionally supposed to be when I started it up. What that means...we'll see.

Til then heres to gettin back on to the posting horse..keep on keepin on