Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Comin in early...

..either that or not post yeah? Not an option. Nothing special . Some noticeable jiggle...I know.  Of course I want to tackle something grand but I know it does me no good as I need to make a steady habit. One thing Ive always wanted to animate was some star wars stuffs. Tossin in a quick photoshop dook.

Down the road I plan on doin something more "star wars nerd fun" but for now " hoooray I posted!!!" Goin on "break" . Im sure I will come back more tired than I was before the break...which makes me wonder why I think its a break...

Anyways I dont know how this will play into my next weeks animation post. Toon in fer one heck of a train wreck!!

Keep on keepin on!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rushing it today..

Quick head turn test. Pretty messy , but here it is in all its glory hehe.  And purchased a sketch book. ( I usually like just drawing on loose paper but figured Id be better served having something I can jot down notes in too )

Too lazy to scan so I took a pic with my phone. So pretty light this post.

Was snowin this morn so it put me in one of those gloomy moods. Pretty much set the tone for me today. Hopefully Ive got some rest comin with my weekend. ( I doubt it but a guy can dream yeah?)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Til the next post, keep on keepin on!

Friday, March 15, 2013

3 fer 3...

Tryin to keep to friday post. ( Thurs would be better as Im about as lazy as you get on fridays ) Tired ace today. This weeks animation test is a baseball pitch study. Again tryin to keep things where I dont over think and let them happen for happiness sake.

A pick of my daughter, a photoshop landscape study, and of course a couple of sketches.

Im not gonna lie, half of me wants to stop this. ( the half that pretty much has been winning out my whole life )

 Its crazy how emotions can change your perspective, positive or negative. Im accepting that Im uncomfortable with this and that I know in the grand scheme of things its alright to be so. When I  take on something new , I notice that inner jerk hole says "Why are you tryin so hard? " What is this nonsense for ? "Your uncomfortable and how is this beneficial?" "Just keep to the sketching and leave it at that pal..Isnt that enough. You have no need to put this kinda effort into something you dont really make money off of. Be happy with where you are at..."

Jerk hole am I right?

A year ago I thought to balance my life out I had to scale down my art side and grow my fam side. And I noticed I was completely miserable. Depressed as all get out. Since then Ive realized that I didnt need to do that. I just need to go as hardcore with my fam as I do with my art. Perspective changed. Im much happier. (Theres a bit more to it than that and hope to gettin around to sharing it.)

So to inner jerk hole: thats why I need to do it. Because its the best part of me and thats what I want to give to my fam. So back up and  let me do just that....

Till next post keep on keepin on!

Friday, March 08, 2013

End of week dump

Starting with sketches... I know this habit will never go away.

Happy friday all! With it being the end of the week comes the post that I promised to keep up with.  Im gonna add a small bit to that goal. To make sure I apply my learning , every post from now on will have to  have some sort of animation in it. ( Nervous in even puttin this out there...but thats how you grow right?)

 Im also gonna make it a point to give my perspective each post to iron out my thoughts and kinda make it a journal. This will help me examine myself a bit more thoroughly. Lets see how it turns out.

So animation: Quick zombie walk cycle and quick action test. ( keepin  it simple and growing from there :) Its easy to want to run out and do super fancy stuff .Thats the kind of thinkin that gets me in trouble.I have to remember theres no rush and  keepin it simple will help me savor the flavor.

 The rough test was from this video. I love anime action sequences and martial arts so I think most every thing Im gonna post animationwise to begin with is gonna be studies of  this kinda stuff. Im sure it will evolve the more i get into it but for now thats what gets me excited to learn animation. Easier to learn for me when I put my mind in excitement mode.

I also bought a new camera lens and flash. (The lens is used but new to me..) When my daughter was  born I wanted to have more control of my pics of her. Because I had no foundation they never turned out. Im tying in learning photography so I can learn to look at things differently.

The pics of my camera with new/used 28-135 mm lens and new flash on my canon T1i taken with my Galaxy Note 2 . The next ones are couple of test pics of my daughter. I plan on makin this a habit as well .


I feel so noobsih like Im just starting this blog .Im excited to start my change and see where it takes me. Its long over due.

Keep on keepin on!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Double post Friday???


A goal that I have had for the longest time was to draw well enough to animate in 2d, and to be honest as much as I draw, its still over whelming to think about. It seems to hold this magic over me that makes me feel like its an impossiblity. Especially now as I dont animate for a living, and becoming a dad has taken the alot of my time and emotions tryin to balance out being a creative and family man. ( Age seems to be takin its toll on me as well...)

Im tellin  you this because I think Ive been keepin myself back for too long by puttin too much pressure on myself and letting all the fear and worry keep me from actually DOIN anything. Using lame excuses to hide my true potential from me. Im tellin you this because I need to wake up and take my steps. Embrace the fear and uncertainty and get back to the real reason I draw and create. For the shear love of it. For the happiness that it fills me with. The ability it gives me to shed light on the areas of my mind that are dark and painful. To grow to be the person I know I am...

It IS WHO I am.

I tell you this because I need to put it out there and believe that I not only can but WILL do this. 

I tell you this because you understand what Im saying....I do this because doin is the fastest way to get there.

So studying some action sequences from this short: kung fu cooking girls  ( this is how Id like to  I will animate one day.)

and drawing of my hands. Have a great weekend!

Keep on keepin on

End of the week postin

So to keep me on my bloggin toes Louis Phillipe St Laurent  has offered to post up every tuesday in trade that I post every " friday". ( Was gonna make it thursdays but already missed that by 46 minutes.)

Seems fair enough. So heres my first "make it a habit" friday post.

Keep on keepin on!