Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I can do it...

Man I just drained these days! Exciting times. 9 days into school and I am lovin it! I wish I could make it my full time thing but have to pay the bills....:(

Have a Q&A at 8 my time 7 pacific. Stephens runnin a lil behind so I figured I would post the first part of my assignment. The sketch in public thing then pick one and pose stu. I really dont get out much and was a weird feeling sketchin people in public. Wouldnt be so bad in my mind if I were in a group of people doin the same thing... Any ways I wanted to go to the park by my house and sketch there but alas it rained. My friend/co-worker let me tag along with him at lunch to Arbys. ( I bring my lunch so it was nice of him to eat there while I sketched.) Needless to say heres the page:

Wasnt the greatest place for poses. One day I will make it out to the park.
Thanks for lookin!

EDIT-- Added first Stu at Arbys pose:

was bugged out by that back foot :

EDIT--- lil more character :

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