Monday, June 06, 2005

Meeting other mentees..

Started meeting other students today. Threw me back some as I was feelin like school was further away for some odd reason. Makes it feel even more real. ( Breathe Mel..) So far alot of the people that Ive met are a long ways away from my lil spot in Utah.

Im so glad that I got onboard this crazy thing called animation mentor. The nerves are only gonna get worse as the day gets closer...

Tonite Im goin to work on my site a lil more. I think Im goin with a quick version of it instead of doin the hairy flash like I wanted initially. I just have to upload most of it then hook it all up. ( Ive been sayin this for like 2 years now )

I dont know when I will get info like my student ID or when we will actually be able to log in. You would think I was 5 and Christmas was like a couple of days away. My life seems to have a lot of waiting right now. I can hear my father : "Builds character son..."

Well better get crackin on the site,
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