Monday, November 07, 2005

I notice I sigh too much..*sigh

Quote of the day:
It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.
- Steven Wright

Word of the day:
propitious \pruh-PISH-uhs\, adjective:
1. Presenting favorable circumstances or conditions.
2. Favorably inclined; gracious; benevolent.

I put two sighs in my title cause its monday...

I figured why Ive been depressed about where I am job wise. Not a hard one. Took me a sec to notice. The closer it gets to my son gettin here, the more I want to be successful. Before I met my wife I was content to just get by. When I started dating my wife I really wanted to make her proud and decided to follow my dream of being an artist. She was kind enough to be patient while I fumbled around tryinto figure out how I was gonna get my foot in the door. Now with my first child on the way I feel like " man I shouldve done more early on.." Ahhh... love that 20/20 hindsight.

I shouldnt feel this way, but its easy to get caught up in it when its not just you anymore. I guess its good cause Ive never had so much drive. Hopefully one day it will all pay off.... (cross fingers)

Welp, onto week 8.

Crazy. Week 8. Todays post is some more fan art / practice, planning for this weeks assignment ( the four emotion thing ...come on keep up..), and the clean up final. ( will tweak it some more if i can find the time.) Let me know which idea you think is better for my assignment this week or if you have any tips let me know.

With that said, " seeyawhenilookatcha"

and assignment:

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