Monday, June 05, 2006

Anxiety Sucks...

Which is nothing new to me. Feel so overwhelmed all the time. Gonna post some pics of the couple o times the wife and I went hikin. Something completely different for us.

Work has been so fun, but very taxing. With learnin at school and work it makes for some really nice head aches.

My boss has loads of great artist books at work. Which I happily thumb through when I get the chance. So today's doodles are works from Frank Frazetta, Carlos Huante, Scott Campbell, Michael Turner and Joe Chiodo. The one color was mine which made me realize how much I miss actually coloring something. Would love to find the time to do some color stuff but will have to be content with a splash tonite. Will upload my skool assignment soon as well.

Edit: Mutant Bug.

Edit: Got some painter time in tonite. From an earlier round of sketches:

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