Sunday, June 18, 2006


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Today I woke up not wanting to wake up...Today hit really hard for me this morning. Fathers day..and 6 months ago today my wife and I bid our son, Mekhi, the final good bye. It was supposed to be different..

Anne took me to see Pixar's Cars this morn. Before I left for the theater,I felt that I didnt want to enjoy this movie because I was angry. That my son was supposed to be there with us enjoyin Dad's nerdism.

Im glad I went. It was a reminder to me on why I wanted to be an artist and why I wanted to learn to animate. I know Mekhi was in the theater with us, because I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would, like he was there.... It reminded me what I felt when I watched any really good animated movie..that inner child that I wanted to pass on to him. That inner child my wonderful wife nutures and cares for.

Thank you son for being with us today and everyday. Thanks commmunity of artist, peers, friends and family who have helped me continue to push forward. And thank you Anne for being my heaven on earth...

Heres where I am with my dialogue assignment ( Click on the the pic ).

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