Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So yeah I got this new blog..

So on my vacation I got this idea to blog meetings with artist and give them a chance to tell a bit about themselves. Armed with my camera I will set out to meet and put a face to the name and expand a personal handshake to this industry who has embraced me so kindly. Im doin this on an email basis too but the catch is you have to give me a blurb about how you got into this industry and link/pic and what not. Hope it all makes sense. And be patient with me cause Ive got a few that I have to post. Make sure you tell these guys hi and get to know em cause its a blast to get to know everyone on a lil more personal level. Ive got a couple up so check it out. Loads more comin.

The blog is dedicated to my wife and our son as my thanks for giving me the love and support to be apart of something so amazing! Love you hun...thanks for puttin up with my nerdy ways.

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