Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My blog is seeing some serious neglect.. so playin catch up. Bear with me please.

Firstly Id like to thank Brian Goobeetsa for thinkin I am a thinker ( or enough of a thinker to gimme a Thinkin Blogger award. ) He would be the first guy I would think of shooting that honor out to, so to get it from him is more than an honor.The guy is creative beyond all bounds. Thanks Bri! Will be shootin out mine here sometime soon... ( I said BEAR with me. )

And "B" thanks everyone for stoppin by and sayin the nice things you do. Very overwhelming and I appreciate that as well.

So without further ado heres some sketchin. Hope to put up some of my mirage learnin here so be on the look out. ( What part of " bear with me do you not understand???

So the head sketches are from a book i purchased and love called " Face Off" by Harry Hammernick. Check it out. A Must Have in the library. The Cat is of one of my cats named Bogey, and thats the attitude he sports. All of these done in Photoshop except for the last which was done in mirage.

Thanks for bearing with me.
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