Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanks everyone..

I was really surprised at the response of me doin a sketchbook and I thank everyone for their interest . Im initially trading it with some of my fellow workers (namely Thomas Scholes, Jason Kim and Jon Diesta, where the idea came from ) for a copy their sketchbooks. Which I will sell on ebay and make a killin! ;) I didnt plan on selling mine cause I feel that is left for the pros to do and its more of a hobby for me. After I get the first copy and see if it turns out alright ( worthy of sellin....) I will post up a link to where you can get it. Im hopin to get it done before I go on vacation next month.

Look I didnt take a month to post either so not too shabby I might say...although I wanted to post some animation *SIGH* but I did do some colorin so hey..Again thanks for the wonderful responses and I'll try and not slack..

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