Friday, August 21, 2009

DailySketch -- Day 21 "Happy Anniversary Babe"

So today is my 6 year marriage anniversary / 9 years together. Seems like a blink of an eye. I have guilt...

Why you may ask?

Our first date I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner OR a movie..
My wonderful wife waited 3 years for me to get my foot in the door in the game industry. ( And that wasnt even as an artist. I was interface guy.) But a little after I got that first job ( at 5 bucks an hour to start ) I finally decided to tie the knot with my better half. It was during alpha of the Van Helsing game. We were married at the Provo court house and our honey moon was pretty much dinner at Joes Crab Shack followed by a "cruise" to our home a few blocks away as I had to go to work the next day. Our wedding rings totalled 50 bucks together purchased from the ultra elite QVC. Thats what my wife waited 3 years for....

6 years later she has spent alot of time makin me feel special and I owe her more than the world. She has been the fire that lights my inspiration. Ive shared my happiest and saddest days with her , and she is my bestest friend. She makes my life story interesting and I cant wait to see the other chapters unfold.

Love ya babe! Thanks for takin I O U's

"A thing that has not been begun cannot be finished." - Robert Henri

Thanks Shawn for the Quote!
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