Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Where are you spring!?

The cold has been doin a number on my joints. Things have been hectic for a while now and I think its taken its toll on my creativity. Im ready to bump this slump... ( Im ready for you too spring, dont feel left out )

So couple o things.

A great gesture creator by Pixelovely
Helped me get warmed up with the drawin again. Awesome that you can set it up with timing as well as choose people or animals.

Im a big fan of cartoons and have always dreamed of workin on one one day. And this something else that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside is :

Ive always wanted to be a better story teller, not only with my drawings but as an animator and seeing this great collection that Sherm Cohen has put out on dvd has me chompin at the bit to get them. He does a wonderful job with demonstrating on his free tutorials (I actually used his art rage tut for the last painting I did and love the storyboard tips hes given away on his site ). He delivers a clarity in those that leads me to believe the set will be a welcome addition to my library. Will let you know when I get them!

And finally drawings. Theyre gettin sparce...yikes
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