Friday, June 03, 2011

Thank goodness for fridays!!!

So gonna change somethings up. Heres a couple animations test. The first one is a blockin pass that I started last week. Gonna swap the ball geometry with a rigged one when and if I get it cleaned up. The second one I did after we wrapped up on the Toy Story 3 game.

My sis and law pointed this out to my wife. I didnt even know. My first childrens book. ( I knew I did it , I just didnt know it was on amazon for preorder...)
I did this while crunchin on Cars 2 the game and tryin to juggle being a new dad. I still have yet to recover. I have utmost respect for anyone who does childrens books.

Still tryin to shift gears. Grindin em at the moment...Keep on keepin on!

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