Wednesday, January 04, 2012

too lazy to hook my scanner up..

Some drawings from work. Photographed yet again with my Ipad.( This will hopefully be the year I set up my office...)........ riiiiiight...

Speaking of Ipad : I was parusing blogs ( since becoming a dad I noticed I dont get to make as many rounds as I used to ) and saw on very talented Gillian Reids blog a post about Stephen Silvers Posebook app. (sorry for the very long winded explanation ) I promptly picked it up as I love his work and it looked like an awesome library of great poses. Not only a great resource but a bundle of inspiration for me on the go. So nice to be able to pack a round a nice size reference.

I spent alot of time not wanting to buy apple but the year that Ive had my ipad I will have to say I used it more than my desktop or laptop. So many fun apps. May start reviewing ones that I think have been fun.

So to keep the ball rolling with my new year, here are some doodles from this morning after lookin over his app. Go Check it out. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Sorry bout the quality of the pics. Keep on keepin on!
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