Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sooo busy lately..

So many things on my plate had to get in something for myself.  Doubt I will see brave in the theaters but thought id post some fan stuffs ( Havent been to the movies for 2 years now...) and a couple other sketches to boot.

Also a friend of mine who shant be mentioned....( no its not voldemort..) did some  work on an app and said Id plug it here. ( If your reading this you who shant be mentioned I better get some kik backs....)
I also told him that I would make fun of him for not letting me mention his name but Im too tired to come up with some thing witty. If you have a buck its a fun lil time waster.

Its called save your bacon. Give it a look see.

Thats all I gots keep on keepin on!
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