Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flu has been kikin my ace..

edit : plannin out the animation that I want to do and a quickie dialogue test:

Ive been out with the flu since Saturday and dont think its ever kiked my butt so badly..Anywhoo I started another flash project to get myself to be more excited about animating and actually doin some ( seeing as thats where Id like to grow mainly . You could tell huh? ) Also want to try and keep momentum with the posting.

I was gonna continue workin on my super girl that I had rigged up but lost her. So I started a chun li rig before I got sick to get back on the ball. Completely done in flash. Not super far with it but figure if I post it up I will have to finish it enough to animate her. So lets see what that gets me...

keep on keepin on
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