Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It wouldve been nice..


if I could have figured stuff out more when I had energy and time and youth and...

Well Im busy as usual but I think Im realizing this is because my plate size has decreased in my aging and that  it doesnt take much for me to be busy.

So I took one of my boss' doodles and decided clean him up and rig him  ( to get more flash drawing time in ) and I love the shapes he comes up with. I think I lost a lil something doin what I do but he still has a lil fun to him in my opinion. Probably will simplify a few things and get him animatable.

( I know I still have my chun li and yes Im still workin on that thanks for askin...)

So here he is and a few more blue pencil dooks.

keep on keepin on!
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