Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wait a sec... June is almost over??!

Oh well slow and steady wins the race. ( although at my current pace I don't think you can call it a race. ) Hope to have amazing stories for the next post but for now I think I will be content that I posted something..

So Ive been diggin my Lenovo  Helix. I also got a usb monitor from lenovo so I can run duals for "work" work . Takin some getting used to workin on a small screen ( when you figure most of my digital work prior to losin my mind was done from my 24 hd cintiq )

Heres some dooks and a pic of my new setup. The digital pic was started in sketchbook and finished in photoshop and of course blue pencil shiz .

til the next post.......Keep on keepin on!
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