Saturday, August 08, 2015

Nothing like traditional art to knock you down a peg..

Meika thought I should make Mr Crabs :) So here he is...Nothing like traditional art to knock me down a peg..heheh went to see my buddy Guy Francis at the artjam in provo ( I like to stalk him )... I only planned on poppin in but ended up stayin the whole event talkin shop and meeting alot of awesome artist..Ive been doin alot of digital stuff in preparation for the Salt Lake Con in Sept. so today during craft time with my daughter, I decided to channel my inner "Guy" with some Gouache that I've had for a couple years but hadnt used because I like control z..nothing like tradional stuff to help you appreciate the digital ..

I always amaze myself , even though I know to just enjoy it, that  I can take something that is simple in nature , of no real importance to get it done and be a subject that I love , and still find away to  complain and be completely frustrated while doin it.. I especially love doin these as after all the frustration, after Ive called it quits and have grumbled about how poorly it turned out a wave of thankful gratitude washes over me because I got the time to "do" Glad I went last night and thank all those artist for inspring me to jump in :) Keep on keepin on!
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