Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Overwatch Tracer Dook WIP?..

Overwatch Tracer  Photoshop Dook  this afternoon (WIP ?..) So the 25k Stretch Goal has been unlocked  and cant thank  you enough for helping me hit that milestone!!!! Which means the 4 new prints to all tiers that have backed a physical copy of the book.. Ive opened some tiers to offer up more originals. Ive also added a 35k stretch goal that will be a high quality video demo that I will share my insights on what I do and think when I create a "dook"... which all tiers from pdf on up will recieve access to. So head on over and see the updates

 and please share if you really want to support the campaign. It means the world to me..keep on keepin on!
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