Sunday, January 01, 2017

First Dook of the year...

Heres the first "dook" of the New Year..Apologies for the absence..I took a bit of an internet break to reflect on all that happened for me in 2016..Im so very grateful for all the beautiful people who stop by here to be so kind to me and to tell you the truth some days its quite over whelming. Many days I struggle to feel that Im worthy of it all as I know of many of you who do exactly what I do and have yet to feel such an amazing experience..Im beyond grateful for each and everyone of you as you all have contributed to a smile I carry with me everywhere.... The hardest part of it for me is I wish that I could on the individual level express properly what you have done for me..a gift that I have a hard time accepting , but one I know I need to .. I try in my little way to make each post that thank please accept my small offering to " keep on keepin on " as that thank you..I hope your holidays were as meaningful as mine and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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