Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cleaned my room

Tomorrow will be exactly a week away from the start of school! Whew! Almost there. I spent most of the weekend cleaning and lounging. The wife and I rented Be Cool, The Terminal, and Boogeyman. Nothing spectacular out of any of them.

Got my home office ready for skool. I thought I would post pics of it here so you can see how outta control I am:

Ive been extremely outta control since star wars came out. Im sick of eating at burger king just to collect the toys. I will pick up the last 4 toys this wednesday, and I dont think I will have BK for some time to come.

Have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I hate the dentist. Actually I like my dentist but I dont like goin to the dentist. The the wife has a doctors appointment tuesday. We still have a ways before we do an ultra sound to find out what the babys gender will be. We will find out torwards the end of July. I hate doctors. Although since the pregnancy Ive not complained about doctors. And I like my father in law. Just dont like goin to the "doctors". Welp thats pretty much it tonite.

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