Wednesday, June 15, 2005

5 freakin days!

Yikes. Soon I will be posting the adventures. Man how time flies.

Yesterday I got to hear the babies heart beat for the second time. (The first time was kinda rushed and we really didnt get to hear it as well.) This time it put it back into my head that Im gonna be a dad. I have a hard time thinkin Im gonna raise a lil person. Me? A dad? Crazy...

This year is filled with so much change for me. All for the better, but my anxiety is through the roof, as the waiting is killing me. (For our first child and skool!)School is pretty close. So my eagerness to jump in is at full bore.

Today is also the last day I have to eat a damn BK kids meal. I will be done collecting the 31 star wars figures! Hoo Haa! I couldve made a movie like "Supersize Me" about my whole experience with burgerking. Am glad its almost over.
Added a couple more of my classmates to the links section, and thats about it with my update today.

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