Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hump day!

Whoo hoooo! half way there! Yesterday I was pretty drained. I slept from about 7:30pm to midnight, watched 2 episodes of superman the animated series and crashed out again til 8:30am. You wouldve thought that I caught up on my sleep......again HA!

In about 15 mins my Q&A is gonna start. I thought I would post what my mock up here before hand. Got some great tips from alot of people so far. I hope to implement em in the maya version. I should be starting that tomorrow..maybe tonite, although Im doubting it.

Heres the mock up

See ya when I look atcha!

--Post Q&A comments...
K. Just got finished with the Q&A . These are just awesome in it self. Great questions were fielded tonite on the squash and stretch, and the aniticipation principles. Some great insights to this weeks assignment. I have yet to do my stu pose and will be workin on the maya stuff tomorrow. Hopefully my head will be a lil more clear tomorrow cause the past few weeks I have been tired ass....

Also tonite Stephen was kind enough to show us pics he took of Pixar. Oh man what it would be like....its things like that that help with the inspiration. And the ability to finally be learnin something that has always held magic for me is overwhelming sometimes. This AM experience thus far has been more than I couldve ever imagined, and hope one day I can be on the other end of the awe...

off to dream about what it would be like...see ya!
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