Monday, July 18, 2005

Mondays suck...

Especially after a great weekend of loungin. I did some learnin ( which is always fun ), watched movies with the wifey ( which is always fun ), and bought some toys and baby stuff ( which, again , is always fun ). So you would think I would be recharged....HA!

Well I thought I would post week four assignment today. I was gonna post it a couple o days ago but was too lazy. Tonite I will post sketches for week 5. ( Wow week 5 already...)

Here ya go dagnabit!

See ya later tonite!

EDIT-- This monday actually didnt suck at all! Heres why:

Your gonna have to guess. Like to see what people think my child is. heheh

Also heres the sketches I promised today. One page is for my devastated assignment. The others were just to sketch today... Tomorrow gonna get crackin on the animation assignment. See ya when I look atcha!

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