Thursday, July 14, 2005

Even more bouncin balls...

Thursdays here and Im am so ready for relax time! I am lovin school but man I cant get sleep cause its in my head ALL them time. The mind is just churnin on it every wakin moment. Not that this a bad thing. But the car in the shop, another trip comin up, learnin new engine stuff at work, baby stuff, and another trip outta town is takin its toll on me! Im totally gonna be one of those dads whose all " When I was your age I walked to school uphill both ways in 6 feet of snow carrying 100 lbs of books. " Builds character is what Im told, so Im just gonna enjoy the ride. Because it makes arriving oh so sweeter! heheh

So I worked on my maya ball bounce. I feel like Ive learned a ton in just the lil time Ive been at AM. Im so happy I started this adventure. The curriculum and pacing is great, my fellow students rock, and Stephen has given aload of help. Amazing that I can be this positive in the mornin. Before I would be positive I would be grumpy and tired. Now a days its more just tired, but a happy tired!

Heres where I am with the bouncy balls

See ya when I lookatcha!
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