Sunday, July 10, 2005

3 weeks in the books..

Yikes I cant believe a month has almost transpired since the start of school!

Well, got my assignment uploaded. I know I couldve done better. So much stuff goin on in my life these days. I learned so much from the bouncing ball assignment. I also did my bouncing ball in flash. Im gonna try to do a couple of the assignments in flash if I have the time. I really like flash.

The animation process is such a tedious one. But oh so rewarding. I really want to be able to understand it more. I wish that it was the only thing I was focusing on.

So I thought I would post the animations I did last week. Nothing super exciting for you to look at. For me its the first steps to a bigger world....

Complete Assignment


First Animation


Practice Animation


Flash Ball Animation

EDIT-- Thought I would get crackin on next weeks assignment and try some more flash stuff. This week will do this exercise in maya

Week 4 Assignment In Flash

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