Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Man time is flyin...

Halfway done with week 2. I think....Its all a blur. My head is spinnin. Learnin a bunch of new stuff at work and the school stuff I dont want to get behind on. A guy could go crazy!

I got some drawing books today. ( I love new books!)One is drawing for animation. Flippin through it looks like it has some useful tips.

And, Force: the key to capturing life through drawing (Michael Mattessi). This one is a great one I can just tell! I love books like these. I really want to strenghthen my confidence in my line, and I think this book will help tremendously. ( although I have to read my other books first)

So before I did the Q&A tonite I started to sketch some ball animations. Way tougher than I expected. Actually I expected pretty tough stuff. Still dont have the guts to get to the nitty gritty of maya animation though. I need to suck it up. Tomorrow is the day...

I also flipped through the force book , found some poses, and did a couple o quick pages to practice line. I cant wait to use this technique.

so here it is, lotsa stuff tonite.

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