Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Only Tuesday????

Dangit.. I thought it was much later in the week..Friday wouldve been nice. Although class is tomorrow so something to look forward to. This week we go to a 3 quarter view of a previous walk cycle. ( which means Im ahead a lil this week! ) Then next week its a review of the entire semester. After that its on to a new mentor. As fun as it is , it is gonna be sad cause I really enjoy the classes with Stephen and my class. Im sure its all good though.

Worked a lil more on my walk for this weeks assignment. Moved the weight over the legs more, rotated the legs out more ( the knees ) , and changed the squash and stretch timing.

Finished Book 6 of Harry Potter last nite. Amazing writing..Anyways sketched up a quick Harry at work today.

and the sketch:

and Im out..see ya when I lookatcha!
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