Monday, August 29, 2005

Will I ever get more energy...

Yesterday I was a complete wreck. I did nothing over the weekend hopin to recover some strength. To no avail.... Im not as bad as yesterday but still a lil weak. I dont know if the stress of a kid on the way , plus skoool and workin is slowly runnin me down. I also think that the computer ( sigh ) is not helpin the situation.

My good friend Lael was kind enough to help me out with a light table that I hope to convert to a desk I can do 2d animation . Im really excited about that and hope to learn more in the ways of ol.

Here a render of last weeks anim and some sketches:

and the sketch:

pushed the weight over the legs a lil more in the hips on my render. Also shrunk the shadow some:

and the monkey on my back...

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