Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sometimes you feel like a nut..

...Sometimes you dont. Today was one of those non nut days. Feels like Im misss firing lately. Its draining.. Oh well. If everyday were perfect you wouldnt really ever notice.

Car stuff sucks. There I said it. On to other things.

Started the first part of my assignment tonite. Do some strong pose sketches along with a strong Stu pose. Tomorrow after Q&A I will start thumbnailing my vanilla walk cycle and block as much of it out as I can. I will enjoy this assignment. ( Funny thing is I can say every assignment has been this way! )

Well thought I would post what I've done tonite. Usually the sketchin helps me feel better but today Ive been kinda uggg. Didnt help like I wanted it to.Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Here ya go!

Cya when I lookatcha!
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