Monday, August 08, 2005

Week 8 and all hell is breakin loose....

First off..Im tired. Thats nothin new, just thought I would let you all know...
Been a while since I have posted. The arizona trip was fun but man was it hot there. When I got home everything came at once. Not a surprise. Today I had problems with our car... that we just got outta the a guy could just go....crazy...

This week we are blockin out a walk cycle I think. Oh man Im excited. The time is just flyin by. Ive learned so much the past few weeks. At work and school. I wish there was more time in the day to learn. Its an obsession..Im so happy Im makin this journey. Such a far way to go but thus far, oh so worth it.

I figured I would do some Teen Titan fan art. ( Its almost on, so I have to hurry.) Heres beast boy and cyborg. I want to draw the others this week if I have the time.

Heres the links to last weeks animation:
Week 7 Assignment


week six revisions

Thats it for tonite! See ya when I lookatcha
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