Monday, September 26, 2005

Do you ever have one of those days?

Ive been havin one of those months...I just cant seem to find enough energy to keep up with it all. Sad thing is, I know its not gonna get any easier...

I've got some school stuff I need to post here. I do. Seriously. Im just too lazy to convert the video. I promise I will upload it soon. Promise. I do have some sketches though. So not a complete loss. The AM forum ( skool forum ) has a sketch thread and I did some sketches at work. ( I guess thats all I do at work. ) The subject: ANTHROPOMORPHISM.

Here they are. Like I said I will try and post my skool assignment here a lil later...and I promised, so calm down...I already know Im a slacker....dont rub it in.

Oh and also heres a pic of me with my mentor!

It's not a cardboard cutout of my mentor Justin Barrett... IT IS HIM. And he's talkin with me! Live on the internet! Hes a kik ace guy! AM is so awesome! And Im a nerd. So what, wanna fight?
Thanks for readin. I wouldve dropped outta this about half way down...
See ya when I lookatcha!
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