Monday, October 10, 2005

I have a lot of catchin up to do..

Been oh so long since I made any effort to post any kinda anything here. And for that I apologize to those who check here regularly.. so basically my family and friends that really like me. Then again, Im sure that the family dont check this at all, and I think i only have 2 friends and I force em to look at this thing. My wife pretty much knows everything I do, so she wouldnt have to check...sigh. SO thanks to the one friend that checks this... my second personality... (Cause I know my other friend says he looks, but I think hes only tryin to be nice..)

So "why so long between entries mel?" My second personality might ask. "cause your not takin up any of the slack " I retort. And end scene.

Man, I cant believe how quickly everything is goin. My wife is now 31 weeks along. The new term in school is now on week 4 ( a third done ), and Im about to get another year older this month *sigh... I wanted to stay in bed this morn so I could hug my pillow and close my eyes really tight so time would stop but that never seems to work. So here I am finally updating my site. ( so I can tell you I got my first robe. Fleece. Ultra nice. Makes me wanna stay home and lounge it it all day.)

SO heres what you really came for..the doodles and skool work...(you animals!) I guess thats why I put all the words at the beginning, to try and get people to read what I have to say. One day i will just put up the doodles then you'll miss me... You watch second personality..

and heres the school stuff from week 1 to 3:

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