Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I have eyes for you...

Yes todays sketchin consisted of some eyes (Among other things ). And yes I know I have been slackin like a mutha. Man, that break kicked my ace....

School started this week ( wahoooo! ) Man Im rarin to go but a lil overwhelmed. My wife is officially in her third trimester today! Whoo Hoo! ( You would think it was Christmas with all the cheers I have.) I have to try and get back in gear this semester.

Body Mechanics.

The name just instills anxiety in me. Im gonna have to focus doubly this term. I cant believe how fast its goin. Now if I could only get that elusive ( to me ) big league, job I would be set. ( Kid on the way kinda puts a fire under you.)

And finally I have finally gotten to the point where I have to be a lil better about my eating...cause the sitting all day and the non mobile lifestyle is takin its toll on me. Another thing I have to make some effort to try and balance. Life. Who knew it would be so much fun.

I added some new links and a link to my new mentor for this semester Justin Barrett! Make sure you check em out! Class for me this term is Thursday and I cant wait to get crackin!

Thanks for readin this boring ace shiz. And if you didnt and went straight to the sketches, I dont blame you....

see ya when I lookatcha!
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