Sunday, September 11, 2005

Where have I been?

Had a kinda break this last week. Was a review week for skool. So no assignment. So why havent I even posted? Cause as soon as some one says I have a break, I go into vapor lock. And Im lazy by nature...

I actually been tryin to make a model I could play with while I had a break. So I took an older model that I had made a while back of mr incredible and cleaned him up. And he was horrid so I had to fix alot. Plus I really have no clue when it comes to riggin so its been quite a tryin time for me.

Im gonna try and get better at building models so I can have some fun models to practice animating in my free time. Which is rare. This week I have nuthing for skool so I will try and post some more stuff this week. Keepin on top of this blog has been tougher than I thought..

Well heres the model I worked on ( not too spectacular , Im more of a pencil person so no laffin ) and a test anim ( still have to work on the skin weights )
and my last assignment for the semester.( I wanted to post this last week.)

So here ya go. Hope to get some sketchin in soon!

see ya when I lookatcha!
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