Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Full plate...

The past few months has been a blur for me. The past few weeks have been really hectic tryin to juggle it all. At the end of the day Im surprised at the steps I had taken that day.

I am no longer employed at Saffire. Was my last day Friday. Was tough to leave as it was the place that the magic started for me. The begining of the dream if you will. I will start my new job at Glyphx Will be doin game asset creation. Feel it will help round out my portfolio.

The 19th of this month our sons headstone went up. Really hit home for us. Was different than standing over a dirt spot for the past few months. Killed us again looking at the cold hard stone that bore our sons name on it. The feeling never goes away and I hope that Mekhi is proud of his mom and dad. We're doin the best we can...

Drew some heads and some more WB guys.

Edit: Added anuther doodle

love you son
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