Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Freakin DHL...

Im dyin. Took the day off to get my laptop back from dell. The waiting game. Of course, if I hadnt taken the day off they would be here first thing in the morn and they would peel out and make me wait even longer.They may have come while I was clackin away at my keyboard. I should go check...bastards. ( no offense to anyone workin at DHL reading this..just hate the waiting)

So any ways... I have no music, no nuthing so I can hear the door. I know silly. But its my laptop.Wanna fight?

Did some art while waiting ( cant even watch my school assignment for fear I will miss my laptop ) So I did some pose study from an old WB cartoon. (3 bears and bugs for those who dont recognize ) some hand poses and a monster head. Fun. I should be focusing on other things...like animation. Im so on it when my laptop gets here.

What? Its a really nice laptop...

Edit: I thought UPS sucked..will never give any of my business to DHL..ever. But the laptop is here and I feel better now. Heres a celebratory seamonster and a pic of my long awaited for machine

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