Friday, April 07, 2006

How do people do it?

Edit: Want to get better with my tablet so I can use the grease pencil tool in maya ( never used it, which is a shame.. ). So played with painter today to warm up here at work...( touched up in photoshop...not total painter, but all digital )

Man so much juggling this week...My mind is mush. Skool is in and Ive got so many things that I need to get outta the way. First off Id like to give you a link to my awesome mentor this term:

Dimos Vrysellas

This guy ( like pretty much all of AM )kicks major ace. Check out his site and bask in its goodness! Im so excited about my new class mates and this will be a fun term. I have so many things goin on right now its a ruff start tryin to find the balance again, but I feel like Im close to gettin settled in for the animation push.

Gonna post my ideas here so nuthing to slick , just two ideas so sorry its not the fancy lines.... Like to hear your input about them if you have a chance:

Assignment: 2 distinct contrasting beats that tells a basic story:

I know not pretty to look at but thanks for lookin none the less. Next week should ease up for me hopefully. And I can get back into a groove. Thanks a load for all your comments!
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