Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pre-vacation sketches....

I know I should be gettin ready to leave... Had an awesome lunch with some great people. My buddy Lael Henderson , his bro Duane from NC, and his neighbor Guy Francis went out to a Korean lunch. Superb food and magnificent company. Lael has always been an inspiration to me and my best bud so always nice to hang out with him and his bro is just as rockin. I was happy to be able to finally meet Guy. Always nice to meet utah artist especially face to face. Got a tour of his killer studio set up and dream of the day ... I coulda sworn I had a link to him to the right. ( sorry Guy. Puttin it there now. ) If you havent been to either Laels or Guys blog please check em out. They rock.Period.

Heres some sketchbook pro shizzle. Dont think I will sketch over vacation so no post til I get back!!

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