Sunday, January 11, 2009

First post of 09 ( Finally.. )

So my good pal, and co worker Jason Newkirk suggested that I should do some tips on faces. How I think of expressions and keep it all tied in together. So next post is my new years resolution. To put up some tips on just that. I would do it this post but I havent quite come up with how to best serve it. I think it will be a multi part tips.(Im confusing myself with how I deal with it so Im gonna take my time with it because besides hands the face is pretty darn expressive and alot to cover.)
So with that said heres a dump to tide you over til I get to that set o tips. Mainly studies this round. I was hopin ( like every post) that I would have some animation...Im a slacker..... Hope everyones new years is starting off with much more zest than mine. Will get the next tips out soon. Be on the lookout

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