Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wheres July???

Well Im about as fast as the oldie at the begining of this post. I wanted to hit my goal of gettin something animated posted. ( Only blockin and terrible blockin at that....) But I got something before the end of July....... Gonna rework a couple things on it, but Im pretty slow at animating so it might be a while.

So, basically Im on this new kick of setting goals. Couple goals for next month. ( Dare I say/ write them out loud? )

Goal numero uno: Get my sketchy book finished...sigh

Goal number 2: Post a sketch a day for the "whole" month of August.

Whew! As I wrote those down I kept typing the word "try" at the begining of them. I'll leave it at small ones for now seein as Im one of those people who gets easily overwhelmed about nothing..

Pray for me and keep on keepin on!

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